Standard Operating Procedures for

Standard Operating Procedures for COVID-19

  • Remote health screening assessment completed including COVID-19 screening check.
  • Patient to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment – to be greeted outside for their temperature check.
  • Patients are asked not to bring anyone into the clinic with them, unless they are under 18 years old or require a chaperone, in which case they would also need to be screened.
  • If you are experiencing any possible COVID-19 symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your appointment. More information can be found here:

On arrival at clinic:

  • On arrival patient is to sanitise their hands and put on face covering.
  • Remove footwear before entering the treatment room.
  • Therapist will perform a further COVID-19 screening check and gain consent in person to proceed with treatment.

On entering the treatment room:

  • Therapist will conduct an assessment as clinically indicated, minimising contact where possible.
  • Plastic couch and pillow covers will be used.
  • Disposable paper towel will cover the treatment couch, no blankets will be used, any towels used will be stored in sealed containers and laundered as per guidelines.
  • Patient’s belongings will be placed into a sealable plastic container.

Payment process:

  • To minimise contact and exposure, we are offering card payment, bank transfer or ApplePay. We can e-mail you an invoice with the details.

On exiting the treatment room:

  • Patient to sanitize their hands before exiting the clinic and all doors will be opened for them by the therapist.
  • Patient to dispose of their face covering once they have exited the building.
  • Once the patient has left the clinic, the therapist will remove all PPE and dispose of it accordingly, then wash their hands as per guidelines.

In between patients:

There will be 30 minute gap between patients to ensure there is no patient crossover.

All contact surfaces including door handles, seats, therapy couch and equipment will be cleaned with clinical wipes and/or disinfectant spray.

The therapist will wash their hands again as per guidelines after cleaning all contact zones.

Where possible windows and doors will be left open to increase ventilation.

Personal Protective Equipment:

The therapist will wear a visor, IIR face mask, plastic apron and gloves during each consultation. This is single use and will be changed after every appointment.

Patients are required to wear a mask during their consultation and treatment. There is no guidance on the type of face mask for patients, thus patients may bring their own mask or we will provide them with disposable mask.

Soft Tissue Therapy is deemed as non-aerosol generating, therefore the use of FFP3 masks and full length gowns is not required.

PPE will be disposed of appropriately by the therapist.

COVID-19 Specific Contraindications:

People with the following health issues are considered a COVID-19 red flag and may require a full PPE for the session or a GP consent to treat.

  • Those shielding vulnerable family members, front-line NHS staff, carers and those who have been in contact with anyone suffering from COVID-19.
  • Anyone currently receiving treatment for cancer, suffering lung conditions or is post-operative.
  • Experiencing post COVID-19 circulatory complications.
  • Aged 70 years or above.
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart or respiratory conditions.
  • Supressed immune systems.
  • Diabetes
  • BMI over 39.

COVID-19 positive case procedures:

If your therapist contracts COVID-19, we will need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, as we will be adhering to the policy regarding self-isolation. All patients will be contacted if this event was to arise. Our therapist is required to check and document their temperature daily.

If you have attended the clinic and present with COVID-19 symptoms within 72 hours of attending your treatment, please contact us immediately so we can activate the NHS Track & Trace procedure. In addition, we advise you to contact the NHS 111 COVID-19 Service.

These operating procedures will continue for the foreseeable future until we are given guidance from the government and our association.

For further details on our clinics Risk Assessment, please contact Luba Coult – 07794344035,

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Cancellation Policy

In accordance with standard practice, we regret that a charge will be made for missed appointments or non-attendance unless 48 hour notice is given.

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