What Treatment Is Right For You?

The Mummy MOT ®

It’s perfectly normal for many women to suffer from weakness of the abdominal muscle and pelvic floor after pregnancy, but it’s not something you should have to put up with after having your baby, especially if you are suffering from tummy gap, bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.

The Mummy MOT ® is carried out by fully trained licensed practitioners in postnatal care who can offer a comprehensive postnatal check up. We provide postnatal clinical care and functional exercises for female clients following birth – which can be months or years ago.

If you are considering this please do get in touch to have a chat. It’s recommended that the initial assessment should be carried out after the 6-8 week GP check.

Buccal Massage

Many of us suffer from jaw issues, which can have a significant impact on our dental care, such as teeth clenching, grinding and headaches.

Buccal massage can help relax the jaw, facial and neck muscles using osteopathic techniques, it can also refine face contour and improve facial muscle toning.

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