What Treatment Is Right For You?

Soft Tissue Therapy/Sports Massage

If you do regular exercise or participate in sports, you need to take good care of your body – this treatment is here to help you keep your muscles in peak condition, concentrating on whole body approach.

If however you would just like to improve movement and reduce stiffness and muscle aches, we can work on finding the cause of the problem and work on correcting movement and reducing long term pain.


If you are struggling with all the changes happening to your body during pregnancy and would like to feel more relaxed and ease aches and pains caused by postural changes and muscles being overstretched and over worked, this treatment will be right for you.


If you are a new mum, we can help you on your way to recovery following the birth of your baby and work on restoring function and reducing pain, getting you back to being a well aligned, pain free mum. We can also provide you with help on nutrition and relaxation techniques to help you during your healing period.

Why are we different to other massage therapists?

We pride ourselves in expanding knowledge by learning new techniques, to help improve your treatment.

  • We work with you to find out the cause of the problem and adjust and create treatment accordingly, to help you improve quality of life and movement long term.
  • Only you can help yourself get better – however effective the treatment was in helping you improve movement and reduce pain, if your follow it with self-care stretches/exercises, it will help you maintain results long term.
  • We are here for you, we answer questions and offer support via email or text, so you are not alone once your treatment is over!

Treatments include:

  Rocktape Fascial Movement Taping
  Myofascial Release
  Muscle Energy Technique
  Soft Tissue Release
  Neromuscular Treatment
  Instrumental Assisted Massage
  Corrective Exercise Prescription
  Homecare Advice
  Postural Assessment

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Cancellation Policy

In accordance with standard practice, we regret that a charge will be made for missed appointments or non-attendance unless 48 hour notice is given.

We accept all major debit/credit cards, cash and cheques