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“ I had a massage with Luba tobay. My muscles are always sore , from just stress and house work-beds, shopping, window cleaning, swimming and of course, boot camp . I think I know my body and then I get on Luba’s bed and she discovers tight muscles and places on my body that I didn’t know existed.I love the pain involved in the healing and repair. She’s so amazing – really the most useful and knowledgeable and happiest healer/teacher of my body that I have ever had the pleasure meet . It’s magic – I go in sore and come out feeling so much better, freer and bendier. ”

Pam Bryson

“ Luba is incredible. I have been struggling with very stiff and painful calves which has affecting my gate and running. Luba through several sessions of massage and working on my problem areas have sorted me right out. No more pain or stiffness and has done wonders for my running style and fitness progression. And it’s not just about getting you in for a massage. Luba really cares about what she does and her support goes over and above. Highly recommended. ”

Lo-Anne Lewis

“ I had a sore palm, and hip flexor, and I was feeling pretty uncomfortable. I had an assessment then massage with Luba. Intense, but came away feeling loads better – and having identified some postural issues I hadn’t really been aware of have adapted life to get to the crux of the issue and solve it. Luba made me feel comfortable, is friendly and knowledgable, and gave me exercises to do to follow from the treatment. Highly recommend!. ”

Sophie Tallulah Tott

“ I was struggling with back and muscle pain due to bad posture during my A levels, which was causing me trouble when horse riding and the activities involved with it. Thanks to Luba, my muscles feel more relaxed and I am able to use the correct ones which has really made a difference to my riding! The pain has gone and Luba gave me some really helpful exercises which were tailored to what I needed to strengthen. I am now at university and these exercises are great! The massages Luba gives are always extreamly beneficial and I leave feeling much more relaxed in my muscles. It’s really interesting to see how my body gets stronger between massages and to learn why pain in one area is related to a completely different area! Luba is fantastic and I would definitely recommend her to anyone! ”

Tilly Davies

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